For clarification of any query with regard to admission, PMC PM&DC / NUMS Regulations 2021 (amended) can be consulted.

All the rules & regulations framed by PMC / PM&DC  /  HEC / NUMS / QIMS not highlighted in the prospectus / website, are applicable as amended from time to time pertaining to admission / academics / evaluation / discipline / migration / seat withdrawal / fee structure etc.



Induction of new batch (all categories including Balochistan Subsidized Category) will commence in Nov 2022 and the Academic session of new batch (12th Batch) at QIMS will commence as per NUMS instructions. 

1. Allocation of Seats

150 x seats are available for admission in QIMS. Candidates applying for one category will not be considered for any other category. Allocation of seats in various categories is as under:

a.    Open Merit:

(1) Balochistan Open Merit  – 61  Seats

61 Seats are reserved for candidates who hold the local / domicile certificates of Balochistan. The candidates seeking admission in this category shall apply to NUMS for Medical Entry Test & admission as per PMC / PM&DC, NUMS & QIMS admission policy.

(2)  Residents of Rest of the Country (ROC) / Foreign – 18 seats

(a)      Candidates from all the provinces (except Balochistan) are eligible to apply for ROC category. Candidates seeking admission in this category shall apply to NUMS for medical entry test and admission in QIMS.

(b)      Admission Regulation of PMC 2021, para-2(i): “Pakistani Student” means a student who is a Pakistani national or defined as an Overseas Pakistani under applicable law and may hold dual nationality and may be resident or non-resident in Pakistan.

(c)      Admission Regulation of PMC 2021, para-2(e): “Foreign Student” means a student who is not a Pakistani Student and holds only a foreign nationality.

Note: A combined merit list of ROC & Foreign applicants is prepared on merit by NUMS, through which the final selection is made on merit. 

b.   Paying Cadets (PC) / Additionally Selected Cadets (ASC) / Shuhada / War Wounded Personnel (WWP) – 18 Seats:

Candidates for this category shall apply to  NUMS for admission test (entry test).  Candidates are also required to apply W&R Dte separately in specified form. Selection will be made by the W&R Directorate, GHQ. 18 x seats are reserved for wards of serving / retired Army personnel and wards of employees paid from defense estimates, wards of WWP and Shuhuda.

c.   Medical Cadets (MC) – 10 Seats: Selected by PA Directorate, GHQ. Candidates shall apply through Army Selection and Recruitment Center (AS&RC). Candidates for this category shall apply to NUMS for admission test (entry test).

d.   Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) Balochistan – 08 Seats: Wards of serving LEA’s, wards of LEA’s shuhada (FC, Police, Levies, Constabulary) and wards of admin staff in aforementioned departments having Balochistan (local / domicile only) are eligible to apply in this category. Students selected for this category will pay regular / normal fee. Candidates shall apply to NUMS for admission /entry test. There is no seat allocation for wards of Retired LEA’s.


e.   Balochistan Subsidized Category – 35 Seats

(1)    Candidates shall apply to NUMS for Medical Entry Test. For admission, candidates will have to apply both NUMS and QIMS.

(2)    23* seats are distributed on divisional merit (3 seats / Division) as under:

(a)    Quetta Division– 3 seats                            (e)   Sibi Division– 3 seats

(b)    Naseerabad Division– 3 seats                   (f)    Kalat Division– 3 seats

        (c)     Zhob/Loralai  Division– 3 seats                 (g)    Makran Division– 3 seats

        (d)    Rakhshan Division – 3 seats                   

(3)    Allocation of remaining 2 Balochistan Subsidized seats:

(a)    Balochistan Subsidized Minority: 01 seat of subsidized category is reserved for minority having Balochistan local / domicile (Civilian only).

(b)    Balochistan Subsidized Shuhuda: 01 seat is reserved for ward of Shuhada Balochistan (Balochistan local/domicile civilian only).

Note:In case of any vacant seat mentioned in para 2e-(2&3), and no applicant in the waiting list of the respective division, the vacant seats shall be offered on merit to the  top reserved applicants of overall bln subsidized cat.

               * Further 12 seats of Balochistan subsidized category are under process subject to approval from Government of Balochistan.  



General Disciplinary Rules and Regulation

a. No student should be eligible for University examination without having attended 75% of classes / practical / PBLs/ clinical work.

b.  Student failing in one or all subjects in bi-annual examination will not be promoted to next higher class.

c. Students expelled from any medical college and who fails to pass 1st and 2nd Prof Examination in four chances availed or un-availed consecutively are not eligible for admission in QIMS due to aforesaid reasons.

d. Students shall pay University examination fee for annual / biannual examinations within due dates.